this is my "3D animation from Japan" page

here, you can get up to date info about this kick ass toy line From McFarlane toys


wave 1


Vash (Trigun)

Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo)

Kaneda (Akira)

Kaneda's Bike (Akira)

Tetsuo (Akira)


Wave 2

Naomi Armatage (Armatage the 3rd)

Akira (Akira)

Joker (Akira)

Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo)

Soul Taker (Soul Taker)

Major Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)


Special Editions, Convention Editions, Blah Blah Blah....


Black Vash

Black Ryoko


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